Friday, December 29, 2006

MG at AK?!

Could Disney fans soon be asking "how much is that gorilla in the window?" Sources close to the ground have revealed possible plans for a Magilla Gorilla attraction at Animal Kingdom. Will a Mr Peebles gift shop be too far behind? Oh, gee! Has Disney ever built an attraction around a non-Disney character? This would be monumental for Hanna-Barbera but a head-scratcher for fans of the Florida theme park. I wonder if Allan Melvin, the original voice of Magilla, would be available. Well, before this post turns into a megillah of its own - let me wrap things up by asking - is it me, or does Mr Peebles remind you of The Jetsons character Mr. Spacely?


George said...

Spacely? I always thought his name was Pastely.

Ynot said...

Me too! Then my dad got a real job.

Given Up said...

Are you trying to be funny or are you for real? I mean as a true Disney fan I must tell you that we take these kinds of reports seriously. We want to be well-informed and the first ones on line and we want to know what is happening before it happens. Please use your space here on this wonderful thng we call the web, to do postive reporting. Walt would've wanted it this way.