Friday, December 29, 2006

MG at AK?!

Could Disney fans soon be asking "how much is that gorilla in the window?" Sources close to the ground have revealed possible plans for a Magilla Gorilla attraction at Animal Kingdom. Will a Mr Peebles gift shop be too far behind? Oh, gee! Has Disney ever built an attraction around a non-Disney character? This would be monumental for Hanna-Barbera but a head-scratcher for fans of the Florida theme park. I wonder if Allan Melvin, the original voice of Magilla, would be available. Well, before this post turns into a megillah of its own - let me wrap things up by asking - is it me, or does Mr Peebles remind you of The Jetsons character Mr. Spacely?

Farewell 2006

As we wave so long to 2006 and welcome in 2007 - I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone. I mean everyone - my mailman Stewie, Rudy at the coffee shop, Clara at, the garbage guys who destroyed my new can last week, the guy at the deli who looks through me even though I've been going into that deli since 2002, my family, my wife, my friends, Mickey & Minnie, and all the magical websites who have influenced my new blog site! A source close to the big mouse (let's call him Otto because I don't know anyone named Otto) sent me the image to the right. I'm not sure what it is, but from what I understand it is rare and quite possibly never seen before. Enjoy & Happy New Ears.

Manmade Clouds

Yesterday I received an email from Martin Que who runs the St. Lucia Magical Kingdom Fan Club down in the Caribbean. Que reports there is a local scientist named Karl Antilles on the island who claims he has proof that the white fluffy clouds sitting over Cinderella's Castle in Florida are manmade. Professor Antilles is an expert on rainforests, so who am I to disagree? I mean the Imagineers do some amazing things at the theme parks - so anything is possible. From what I have been told, Antilles is going to publish a website revealing all of his cloud findings in the near future.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Forgot To Mention

When I was at Epcot last May, I heard a rumor that the drinking straws given out at The Electric Umbrella might be changed to crazy straws! Crazy straws I tell ya ... and in the shape of mouse ears! Stay tuned.

Returned Home

Just got back from Brazil and while I was down there I met a gentlemen who knew Walt back in the 1950s. Apparently Walt and a few animating buddies took a trip to South America and this fella Jose hung with them! Pretty exciting to actually meet someone who met someone. I took photos but later lost my camera when I jumped ship in Venezuela. Glad to be back in the USA and can't wait to share more of my Dizney stories.