Friday, December 29, 2006

Manmade Clouds

Yesterday I received an email from Martin Que who runs the St. Lucia Magical Kingdom Fan Club down in the Caribbean. Que reports there is a local scientist named Karl Antilles on the island who claims he has proof that the white fluffy clouds sitting over Cinderella's Castle in Florida are manmade. Professor Antilles is an expert on rainforests, so who am I to disagree? I mean the Imagineers do some amazing things at the theme parks - so anything is possible. From what I have been told, Antilles is going to publish a website revealing all of his cloud findings in the near future.


Belinda said...

Is this the same guy who in 1998 claimed Mt Rushmore was formed by natural erosion?

Ynot said...

Yes, but we all make a few bad judgement calls from time to time. Why just yesterday I purchased a pair of sneakers that were on sale - when I got them home I realized they were both left feet. Which may work out because I walk like I have two right ones.

Rupert said...

Karl Antilles can have his moments. Really ... he can have them.