Friday, February 23, 2007

I love It

I love it when people call themselves the "unofficial blah blah" on their websites. I just read on a site that a webmaster refers to him/herself as the unofficial photographer of Disney World. What does that mean? Hey ... I'm the unofficial King of the Bloggers! I'm also the unofficial webmaster of Microsoft! Incase you can't tell, I'm rolling my eyes in disbelief.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You Do Realize That ...

The reason cell phones today can take photos, play music, give you driving directions, etc., is because cell phones cannot make phone calls. The very reason they were invented has to be camouflaged to consumers. A day cannot go by without Cingular dropping my call (and I travel all over the country - so I don't want to hear about the area I'm in has a weak signal). But consumers go along with it - yes these handy devices do it all EXCEPT PLACE PHONE CALLS!! Duh.

Monday, February 12, 2007

49th Grammy Awards

Yes, bad behavior continues to be rewarded (exception: Randy Newman).

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bad Behavior

Enough already ... why must bad behavior be rewarded? It's everywhere on every level.

Friday, February 9, 2007


- The guy behind you on Mission:SPACE is wearing a diaper.
- A "Cast Member" bids you farewell as you leave the station at Space Mountain.
- A "ticket agent" at Orlando International Airport asks if you want pepper spray with your boarding pass.
- You keep receiving prank phones calls from NASA asking if you know of a car that gets 900 miles on a tank of gas.
- The woman next to you on the Disney monorail keeps counting backwards from 10.
- The man in the moon looks worried.

Lien on Castle?!

I just read online that a lien has been put against Cinderella Castle! Seems somebody didn't get paid for building it! The state may step in and investigate to see if Disney had a permit to fill the moat with water back in 1971. I think the wiring may not be up to code too. I'm sure Goofy can pay off some Orlando politican and make all this go away.

Now Hear This?

This just in from Dunda Pecoratrino:
Hi Ynot,
Hope this message finds you. Word on the street is that people love theme parks and theme parks love big business. Financial experts agree the percentage over the final quarters is far ahead of last year's fiscal earnings. Spending is on the rise and the gross income is not that gross.
Be well,
Wow, now I'm not a financial professional but that sounds important and very impressive. If anyone can explain it to to me - I'd be a happier me.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Kim Jill Sez

Our good friend Kim Jill reports on his Kim Jill Media site that every photo taken of Disney World prior to October 1971 was done on a sound stage in Burbank, California. Seems crazy - even a little nutty - I know. But since the Magic Kingdom wasn't completed and publicity photos were needed, a mock MK was built for the sake of the lens. Still hard for me to swallow, but I'll half-heartedly go along with the conspiracy.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007 open to public

Funny how a website can be "opened" to the public. Well Disney's newest site is. Much to click on and experience. Many ads to see!
I wonder if someone will start a feature-by-feature review of it, complete with photos and web-like graphics. Maybe hold a convention and discuss it in length. Have a podcast or two about it. It's better to have an audio description of a website rather than just visiting the actual site itself. I see many a career launched based strictly on the new site.
Alright enough is enuf! Go take Disney's newest out for a spin!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Heard Disney Rumors!?

Disney fan sites always report rumors that they've heard. It's like they've uncovered some hidden scoop and they want to be the first to report it. Very enthusiastic on their part and very entertaining. Here are a few I have heard:
-Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle is going to have a bay window installed.
-Chip 'N Dale have filed for divorce.
-Stewie from Family Guy has been named the 2007 WDW Ambassador.
-The lion at Animal Kingdom is animatronic.
-Disney on Ice travles with its own zamboni.
-Pinocchio loves Lemon Pledge.
-Regis Philbin wants to run for Mayor of Magic Kingdom.
-The Wilderness Lodge Resort uses 10 watt light bulbs.
-Tigger is being sent to anger management class.
Now these are rumors ... not factual, so please don't get all excited and look for the zamboni the next time Disney on Ice comes to your town!

Blog Noticed!

This blog has been noticed! I saw a link to it at the This Day in Disney History link page. A million thanks! And yes I am for real and am glad you find this blog entertaining. Your site is pretty groovy too. Wow, a brush with greatness.