Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This Just In From Kim Jorkis

"Hey Diz Blog - reporting live from Argentina where news is a buzz about a Disney theme park coming to town. Don't know how the rumor began but I'll say anything after one beer in a local pub. Could it be traced to me? I know not. I started a joke ... which made the whole world laughing."

Monday, November 5, 2007

How To Sound Important About A Theme Park Attraction

Let us consider, for example, however briefly, the much maligned supernatural void concept that is at hand. The thing that individuals who oppose this concept often miss which some do not - is the design and layout perspective and the environmental design we think of - is understood, which is that darkness – utter, stark blackness – is not the absence of material, but the presence of all possible material. A badly exposed piece of film doesn’t turn transparent, it turns pure black- pure I tell you - because it has been exposed to the visible light spectrum! Why the ideas on an attraction design are spectacular in that we understand that darkness which is not only the natural state for an attractions to exist in, but that darkness held not nothing, but the potential for all things to be infinitely and positively oblique and nocturnal!