Monday, February 5, 2007

Heard Disney Rumors!?

Disney fan sites always report rumors that they've heard. It's like they've uncovered some hidden scoop and they want to be the first to report it. Very enthusiastic on their part and very entertaining. Here are a few I have heard:
-Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle is going to have a bay window installed.
-Chip 'N Dale have filed for divorce.
-Stewie from Family Guy has been named the 2007 WDW Ambassador.
-The lion at Animal Kingdom is animatronic.
-Disney on Ice travles with its own zamboni.
-Pinocchio loves Lemon Pledge.
-Regis Philbin wants to run for Mayor of Magic Kingdom.
-The Wilderness Lodge Resort uses 10 watt light bulbs.
-Tigger is being sent to anger management class.
Now these are rumors ... not factual, so please don't get all excited and look for the zamboni the next time Disney on Ice comes to your town!


Uncle Art said...

I heard the Contemporary's California Grill is movng its check-in station to the Polynesian.

golden girl 2 said...

That will be just as convenient as where it is now. It lends itself an air of snotty-ness this way.

nick fivetuna said...

A friend of a friend tells me that Pop Century is installing a weight room.

Kris said...

yeh, what's with checking in on a lower floor to eat at the Calif Grill on the top floor? Very uppity!