Tuesday, January 9, 2007

WDW Marathon

Well, this will be my last blog for a week. I'm leaving tomorrow morning to head down to Florida to take part in the 2007 Walt Disney World Marathon. It's the first time I'm running in it (although I have run through the parks before). I have been training and looking forward to this since last January when I mistakenly missed the event by a week. I was looking at the wrong calendar! To be honest, I'll be running in the Half Marathon because I'm out of shape. That's not to say that Half Marathon runners are not in shape ... I'm sure I will be the last contestant to cross the finish line or crawl over the finish line. If any of you see me - please say hello ... to the person next to you. Then have that person say hello to me and help me up on my feet!

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disney genius said...

what are you talking about? it happened already!