Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spaceship Earth Rumors

A flutter of rumors are circulating over changes to Epcot's Spaceship Earth - y'know the iconic ball that greets you as you enter the park's main entrance. The one I've heard is that the outside of the sphere is going to be tranformed into a giant media screen (which a different ABC talk show will sponsor every month). So now when you enter the park, you can view the latest gossip about an overpaid celebrity who is going through rehab or a pop star who forgot its 2-year-old in a pub, etc. It will be quite the departure from what the sphere was originally designed to be - but ratings tell the chief muckity-mucks that the general population love celebrity mishaps. Afterall it seems that bad behavior gets rewarded these days - but does it have to influence Epcot?

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denny said...

yeh man swing!